By: Zach Good

In the video below, find out how wealth spoils us - and how someone who goes from being poor to being rich becomes "snobby".

Key Takeaways:

Wealth changes our expectations and, therefore, our gratitude. A poor child who is asked to fix himself a glass of milk will happily do so because his family might not always be able to afford milk and as a result it is a luxury. For a middle-class boy, pouring his own glass of milk will be a neutral activity because to him, milk is a regular commodity and isn't anything special. To a wealthy child, having milk is such a baseline expectation in life that pouring his own glass of milk is not even about the milk—it's about the act of pouring the glass. He will view the act as negative because he is unhappy he has to exert the effort to pour the glass himself.

As we accumulate money, our definitions of luxury and necessity change. We might begin our lives in poverty but as we slowly gain money our minds recalibrate our expectations along the way until the things we used to view as luxuries become necessities. When we were poor we were beyond thrilled just to have a house; now that we're rich we're unhappy that we have to clean it ourselves—and will probably hire someone to do it for us.