Is it better to live with no regret, or live with constant regret? In this video, find out the answer to that question and much more!

By: Zach Good

Key Takeaways:

Living without regret is potentially destructive. When we live with no regrets, we don't consider how our actions affect others and we don't allow ourselves time to reflect on how we can improve ourselves in the future.

Living with constant regret is potentially destructive. When we live with constant regret, we are paralyzed by remorse over mistakes we've made to the point that we are not able to learn and grow from them.

It is best to have regret for mistakes we've made but use them as learning experiences instead of self-torture devices. Everyone makes mistakes; it is inevitable. Although some mistakes are larger than others, all can be learned from and all can be used to better ourselves in the future. We must recognize our mistakes as chances to grow and use them as guides to help us find ways to avoid repeating them in the future.