Are You Crowdsourcing Your Happiness?

Do you make every effort to meet society's expectations of beauty and perfection, and feel depressed when you can't? In the video below, I explain why it's important we be satisfied with who we are.

By: Zach Good

Key Takeaways:

Society has well-defined standards of beauty, acceptance, and value. Through advertising, movies, internet, television, and magazine covers, society floods us with messages about how our bodies are supposed to look, what kind of possessions we are supposed to own, w...hat kind of cars we are supposed to drive, and so on. The underlying message is that we are more desirable when we meet society's standards and less desirable when we do not.

When we don't meet society's expectations, one of the following usually occurs:

1)  We struggle to conform. We spend all our effort, energy, and money to change ourselves to meet society's criteria of beauty and perfection.

2)  We feel bad about ourselves. We recognize that we can't meet society's expectations, and as a result, we see ourselves as less desirable and our self-confidence drops.

When it comes to matters that only affect us, we should not spend one second concerned about society's expectations of us. If we don't have flat abs or wear name-brand clothes, those things do not impact anyone but ourselves. Our abs don't affect a single person and our clothes don't change anyone else's life.

If we chase society's expectations simply to fit in, we crowdsource our happiness in that we place society's desire for conformity above our individual desires, essentially letting everyone but ourselves choose how we will live. When we accept society's standards and believe we need to change ourselves to meet them, we surrender our free will and allow the rest of the world to decide how we will live.