Key Takeaways:

We constantly chase new goals because we believe they will bring us happiness. We chase after a goal with the belief that we need that goal in order to be happy. When we reach that goal we experience happiness and a high, but before long that goal goes from being special to being just another part of our lives. Think about past goals you’ve achieved, and consider how you feel about those goals now. How many times in your life have you set your sights on a goal thinking it will deliver you permanent happiness but now you view that thing as merely another part of your life? In addition, how many times has a goal you’ve really wanted turned out to be a hassle or hindrance? Sometimes the things we want most end up being the very things that negatively impact our lives.

We should have goals, but we should also approach them with the understanding that those goals will not provide us with ultimate happiness. We must always be looking to better ourselves and improve our lives, but we must first and foremost be content with our current lives and approach our goals with a level-headed mindset.

In the video below, find out how we make ourselves unhappy by continuing to chase after new goals.

By: Zach Good