Key Takeaways:

Faithfulness is a subjective measure and cannot be narrowed to 'right' or 'wrong'. What one couple might consider cheating, another couple might not consider cheating. Actions one individual considers acceptable, another might cons...ider abhorrent.

A partner can be unfaithful through their actions, words, or thoughts. On one hand, an individual can be 100% faithful to their partner by never straying (even in thought), or they can be 0% faithful by having an affair or otherwise being physically involved with someone outside the relationship.

Problems arise in relationships when partners have vastly different expectations for fidelity and monogamy and are unwilling to voluntarily conform to a mutual, agreed-upon standard. For example, if your expectation of your relationship is that your partner would never be unfaithful to you in any sense (action, word, or thought), but your partner considers it acceptable to flirt with other individuals, you will most likely experience trust and communication issues so long as that behavior continues. It is important that you and your partner discuss your fidelity expectations for your relationship and honor them.

By: Zach Good

How faithful is your partner in your relationship? How faithful would you like your partner to be? In the video below I discuss my Fidelity Continuum and explain how our expectations of fidelity and monogamy impact our relationships.