Key Takeaways:

A false dilemma is the belief that there are only two possible outcomes to a situation when in fact there are three or more. When a politician says something like, "If we don't raise taxes, we won't be able to afford a new library!" they are creating a false dilemma because there are many other ways the government could fund the library without having to raise taxes.

We create false dilemmas when we believe that if we don't attain something, our lives will be a disaster. When we are dissatisfied with our career and apply for a new job that offers much higher pay and better hours, we convince ourselves we will be unhappy and miserable if we don't get that job. That is an incorrect way of thinking we must break out of. If we don't get that job, we can apply for another job—one that might even be better than the first.

What is a false dilemma? How do you create them, and how do they hold you back? In the video below, find out the answers to these questions and much more!

By: Zach Good