Are you single and looking to get into a relationship? Watch the video below for some insightful tips on how to set yourself up to meet the right person.

Note: The language in this video and post focuses on women seeking men for simplicity purposes. The overall advice is meant for those of any gender and sexual orientation.

Key Takeaways:

Know what kind of guy you want to date. Is he intelligent? Athletic? Funny? A party animal? Just like you need to know what kind of car you want to buy before you make a purchase, you need to know what kind of guy you'd like to date.

Know where to look to find that kind of guy. If you want to date someone who is family-oriented, wants a long-term relationship, and would rather read a book on a Friday night than go out drinking, Tinder is not where you should be looking. Sure, you may very well find that guy on Tinder, but the odds are much lower than if you look for your perfect person in the library or at a philanthropy-oriented social club. Just like you wouldn't search a junkyard for a new car, you shouldn't look for a partner in places that attract people who are completely unlike the guy you want.

Make yourself available in situations and locations where you are most likely to find the guy you're looking for. If you want to buy a car, you have to walk the lot; if you want to find a partner, you have to make yourself physically and emotionally available at the places where you think you'll meet your future partner. This does not mean you walk up to every guy you see and try to get to know them; it means you make yourself present and keep your eyes open for the right one.

Don't expect a guy to bring you permanent, never-ending happiness. Relationships enrich our lives, but any time you become involved with another person the opportunity for conflict arises. In any relationship, you will get into fights and you will have short-term unhappiness. Don't let that distract you from your overall satisfaction with your partner. After all, even the most expensive cars get flat tires and need tune-ups.

Don't settle for someone because you're tired of looking. When you date someone simply because you're sick of being single, you eliminate the possibility that you could meet the right guy. Plus, you also half-heartedly devote yourself to someone who might be whole-heartedly interested in you—and that isn't fair for the other person. If you look for a car for a few weeks but can't find the one you want, you don't simply walk outside and buy the first car you see, do you?

Don't give yourself to a guy simply because they say what you want to hear. Anyone can talk a good game; not everyone follows their talk with appropriate action. If a guy tells you how much he cares about you but constantly shows up late and forgets your birthday, odds are he's not the one you want. Beware of a car salesman who is willing to tell you anything to get you to sign on the dotted line.

By: Zach Good

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