Key Takeaways:

We have definite control over only 80-90% of our lives. When we are driving a car and we hit the brake or turn the steering wheel, multiple mechanical processes must occur properly behind the scenes in order for the brakes to be applied or the tires to turn. If one of those processes fails, we will crash. In the same way, we have the ability to follow our dreams in life but there are many events on the road to achieving our goals that are out of our control. Examples are sickness and the actions of others.

For the sake of our peace and happiness, we must make amends with those aspects of our lives we cannot control. If we live in a constant state of fear over negative things that might happen to us that we can't control, we surrender a greater amount of our control to the world around us. If we give up and think our lives are determined completely by fate, we relinquish all control we have. We must take ownership of that 80-90% of our lives we control and set ourselves up for success as much as possible, but we must not be hindered or defeated if that 10-20% we can't control changes our plans. Sometimes life closes doors we were expecting to walk through; when that happens, we must use our power to find the new door that opened. There is always a door for us to use—it's just that sometimes we can't recognize it.

You Are In Control of Your Life!

...But Not Really

Are we in control of our lives, or are we at the mercy of the world? In the video below, find out how much of your life you control—and what to do about the parts you can't control.

By: Zach Good