Key Takeaways:

Our country places a great deal of importance on appearance. We collectively make judgments of others based on the way others look and praise them when their appearance meets our expectations and condemn them when it does not. The odd thing is the appearance of others has no impact on our lives whatsoever. Whether a stranger is tall, short, fat, thin, male, or female does not change anything about the world around us.

When we disparage others based on their appearance, we are telling the world that our preferences and expectations are more important than the free will and happiness of others. If we look negatively upon Caitlyn Jenner and her gender transition, we are explicitly stating that our belief of how others should look and behave is more important than their personal choices and we are essentially laying claim to ownership of their bodies.

When we judge others based on appearance, we are actively creating an environment that allows others to judge us based on our appearance. If we despise Caitlyn Jenner for her looks, we are agreeing to let others despise us for our looks. Pollution doesn't remain in a vacuum; if we unleash smog into the air, we will have to breathe it in.

If you dislike Caitlyn Jenner on religious pretenses, you must determine what changes one can make to their bodies that are acceptable to your respective god. If your god truly does not make mistakes, and thus Caitlyn Jenner should've had to remain a man forever, then is it acceptable for an individual born without a foot to get a prosthetic one? If a child is born with HIV, is that by design, and should that child not be allowed to receive treatment? Again - your claim is that your god makes no mistakes. If you use your religion as a guideline for approving and disapproving of others, you must be very, very certain that your beliefs are accurate, moral, ethical, and practical.

By: Zach Good

Are you supportive of Caitlyn Jenner or do you think she is an abomination? In the video below I explain how your answer to that question determines your happiness with the world.